Glasgow East End Autism Support Project

– helping autistic children, young people and families

Coronavirus Update

Please note – due to the current lockdown, some of our work is on hold. However, we can still provide telephone and video support, and our website has a number of other resources available.

Project Details

The main objective of this project is to help Autistic children, young people and adults to feel less isolated by providing opportunities for individuals and their families/carers to access more support through their communities by promoting social inclusion.

Within this project Equal Futures will recruit Volunteers, who will work with individuals and their families/carers to help look at building connections and to supporting them to access activities and interests that an individual may wish to pursue.

With the complexities of Autism, although individuals with autism may share certain difficulties, their autism will affect them in different ways in terms of how they communicate and relate to other people; therefore it is important to us within this project that time is taken to build and establish a support relationship and ensure that we work with the individual with Autism and their family/carer to ensure this is at a pace that all are happy and comfortable with.

It is anticipated that by working with an individual with autism based on their needs and interests and introducing more opportunities, this will support the individual and their family/carer to build and establish more networks of support; and in turn this will enable the project to make a sustainable and positive difference for people with autism and their families, to support them to address the additional layers and challenges they face to be socially included.

The aims of this project are:

  • To reduce social isolation by creating opportunities for Children, young people and adults with Autism to be involved in areas of interest.
  • Parents and Carers will benefit from sharing the caring role and benefit from knowing their loved one is being supported by people who genuinely care.
  • Through sharing the caring elements parents and carers will have improved their health and well-being.

Feedback about the support:

“Through the support of the volunteer Mary’s confidence is continuing to grow with her managing to visit her father as well as meeting with the volunteer and having trips out with myself and her sister. This is a significant leap forward for Mary and us as a family.” Mum of focus person

Emma has been very dependent on mum, with mum and Emma doing most things together. Through the support of her volunteer and with her confidence building, “Emma is wanting to do things that she did not do before. Her confidence is increasing, with her travelling independently for the first time herself to the Forge shopping centre. ” Mum was delighted that Emma managed to travel on a bus for the first time herself, this was such a major achievement for her which mum expressed will hopefully increase her independence and mean in time she will be able to happily go out and try and do things on her own.

“I feel more confident now that I have left school as a pupil and I am doing librarian work skills at school now. My volunteer facilitator is a lovely person and a perfect match for me.” Focus person

If you would like to find out more about this project, please contact Catherine Parkinson or Suzanne Cockburn.