Working in Partnership:

This is a project in Midlothian, where we are working closely with Social Workers. The purpose is to encourage the uptake of Self Directed Support to offer more flexible solutions to meet people’s outcomes

Each of our three organisations brings a distinctive focus to the project. Thera (Scotland) provides support to people to live independently in their own homes. Equal Futures offers Circles. Neighbourhood Networks facilitates the development of local networks of mutual support.

The aim of the Edinburgh & Lothians project is to help people live a good life, rather than simply to have a support package. There is a strong focus on developing informal peer networks, with a long term view of reducing reliance on paid support.

We offer both Smart Circles and Lifetime Circles. Families choose which approach suits their situation best.

What to do next

If you feel you would like to find out more about this project please email or find out about our vacancies to get involved.