Post: Community Connector
Hourly rate: £11 per hour
Hours: Variable, approx. 4 – 8 hours per month, some evening and weekend work

About Equal Futures

We are an organisation set up by a group of parents with a family member who has a learning disability. The objective of Equal Futures is to reduce loneliness and isolation for people with disabilities by building Circles of Friendship. The person with disabilities is known as the Focus Person, because they are at the centre of the Circle. The purpose is to develop real relationships with a close network of people. They are committed to help the person with disabilities lead a richer and more meaningful life.

What does a Circle do?

They will think of ideas to help the Focus Person in having a life with more opportunities. This can include help to:

  • have a better social life
  • support and guidance during a period of change
  • achieve goals and aspirations

What is a Community Connector?

This is a facilitator trained by Equal Futures to bring the Circle together for the Focus Person. We match a Community Connector who gets on well with the person with disabilities. We look for someone who has similar interests and a complementary personality. They will live locally and be keen to be active in their community. The role involves bringing the Circle members together for meetings or social activities. The Community Connector helps everyone have conversations which lead to actions. They follow up on ideas and encourage Circle members to be active participants.

Who are the Circle members?

They can be family, friends or others in the neighbourhood. Circle members might be drawn from the places the person goes to such as groups or local amenities. They could be people invited by the Community Connector. Circle meetings are relaxed and informal. They take place every few weeks, often at the Focus Person’s home.

Key Responsibilities

  • To support the family to define the purpose and activities of their Circle
  • To support people with learning disabilities to be fully included in their
    community through developing informal networks of friendship
  • To identify and go with the Focus Person to activities and places which could
    help in meeting potential Circle members
  • Making connections and inviting people to participate in the Circle
  • To support the family and Circle members to identify how the Circle can help
    with current needs, as well as in the future
  • Ensure that the Focus Person feels involved and able to participate to the
    best of their abilities
  • Maintaining regular contact with the Focus Person, their family and the Circle
  • Keeping administration tasks up to date; mainly submitting monthly timesheet
    and report as well as staying in touch with the Circle

Job Competences


  • Able to facilitate focused conversations which lead to action for the Focus
  • Can encourage Circle members to have active roles with the Focus Person
  • Recognise all achievements of the Circle, however small
  • Able to support the Circle how to overcome challenges and setbacks
  • Able to create solutions which achieve outcomes
  • Strong organisational skills to plan with the Circle and to follow up on ideas
  • Able to be an effective communicator
  • Enthusiastic about making a positive contribution to communities


  • Knowledge of community resources where the Focus Person lives
  • Sharing similar interests or willingness to learn what the Focus Person likes to
  • Understanding of the issues and challenges which can affect people with
    disabilities and their families

Personal attributes

  • Able to actively listen to people
  • Can engage compassionately with others
  • Confident in making the most of networking and building relationships
  • Enjoys the challenges of creating positive changes
  • Pro-active and able to think on your feet
  • Patient and resilient

How we support you

  • Full Induction and other training as required
  • A handbook with guidance and tips for facilitating Circles
  • Ongoing support with regular supervision sessions
  • Mentoring and sessions with other Community Connectors

How to apply

You can download the Circle Facilitator application form in Word format here.

And our Equal Opportunities form can be downloaded here.

Please complete the forms and email them to Alison Roy at

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Contact: Alison Roy