Alistair Fraser – Equal Futures Circle of Support

Alistair Fraser – Equal Futures Circle of Support

Alistair started developing his circle at the end of 2014 from a group of friends who care for him and me. Following my husband’s death (Alistair’s step dad) I became very aware that I needed support for Alistair to be in place for when I was unable to. I think that not only does the Circle support Alistair but also me. The circle members and I believe that we all benefit from knowing other people through friends and mutual activities.

Since formed we have regular meetings with an agenda discussing any challenges that may have arisen but also good news too. Certain named persons in the group have supported Alistair in contacting and accompanying him to various appointments.

As this his past year has been a particularly difficult one (health wise) for both Alistair and I, it was necessary at times to meet more regularly.

Of course, there have been ‘fun’ times too with Social events, namely bowling, a sail on the Forth & Clyde canal, house parties and picnics at Dumfries House and Kelvingrove park where we met members of other Circles.

Alistair and I have had difficulties but with the help and friendship shown by Circle members, have managed to cope with whatever challenges present themselves. Alistair continues to move forward and is gaining in confidence in the knowledge that whatever arises there is always a team of support who can assist and look out for them both.

Alistair has recently returned from a NTS Conservation Holiday week at Culzean Castle which he organised himself and enjoyed. He will be submitting an article for the Equal Futures Summer 2018 newsletter about his adventure.