Welcome to Equal Futures 

– Developing circles of support for people with disabilities.

Who we are

Equal Futures is an organisation set up by a group of parents with a family member with a learning disability. We build social networks of people who offer support and friendship to the person. We call this network a Circle.

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How can we help you

A Circle can help at a time when you feel stuck. This could be when you feel lonely and want to make new friends, or when you’re moving to a new place to live, or when you’re leaving school or college.

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Join us

Are you passionate about social inclusion? Join us to support others to be less isolated. You really can change a person’s life by committing only a few hours a week to facilitate a Circle. It is a simple concept of friendship and kindness.

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What does a Circle do?

It is an informal group of people who offer support and friendship to someone who is lonely. They will think of ideas to help someone live the life they want. This can include helping the person to:

  • have a better social life
  • support and guidance during a period of change
  • achieve goals and aspirations

Join us

Want to be a part of it? We have opportunities in Edinburgh & Midlothian, Glasgow East and Ayrshire.

“I feel better and stronger with my Circle around me”